Indigo Prophecy Set to Haunt iOS Devices with Nightmares

Indigo Prophecy Set to Haunt iOS Devices with Nightmares

Released in 2005, Indigo Prophecy, known internationally as Fahrenheit, gradually garnered a dedicated following due to its unique blend of cinematic horror and adventure gameplay. Straddling a line reminiscent of both the X-Files and Silence of the Lambs, the game emphasizes exploration over action, offering a plethora of eerie discoveries for players.

This launch represents the first instance the game is available in its original, unedited form in North America, having previously been modified for PS2 to remove sexual content.

Indigo Prophecy Set to Haunt iOS Devices with Nightmares

It’s unclear how this version managed to bypass Apple’s strict content guidelines, but the game is now available for purchase in the iTunes store for US$9.99. Read on to discover the enhancements included in this update and prepare yourself for some unsettling nightmares.

Originally launched in 2005, Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy in North America) was a pioneer in interactive storytelling, blurring the lines between movies and video games while establishing a new genre in entertainment.

This remastered version boasts improved graphics and full controller support across all platforms, based on the uncut and uncensored international version of the game.

With a complex, layered story, innovative presentation, and a haunting score by renowned Hollywood composer Angelo Badalamenti, Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered stands as the ultimate version of this supernatural murder mystery, reintroducing the groundbreaking game to both new and returning players.

Key Features:

  • Interactive Drama – The game features an intuitive control system and a remarkable split-screen presentation that enhances its enigmatic noir narrative.
  • Extensive Replayability – With branching dialogues and multiple endings, each playthrough offers a unique outcome.
  • Multiple Characters – Players can control the narrative through four different playable characters, each providing a distinct perspective on the story.
  • Fully Voiced Script – The comprehensive script is fully voiced by professional actors in English, French, German, and Spanish. Note: Voice files may require a free in-game download.
  • Cinematic Score – The game includes a fully orchestrated score by Angelo Badalamenti, known for his extensive collaborations with filmmaker David Lynch.
  • Uncut Version – This remastered edition includes all original scenes, unedited and uncensored.

Key Upgrades:

  • High-definition Graphics – All in-game textures have been recreated in high definition for both mobile and desktop platforms.
  • Widescreen Support – The game supports true widescreen viewing, enhancing its cinematic feel and improving player spatial awareness.
  • Elegant Touch Controls – An intuitive control scheme suitable for both phones and tablets brings players closer to the narrative.
  • Full Controller Support – Includes support for MFi hardware controllers on iOS and various popular controllers on desktop.
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