Microsoft Outlook Launches on iOS Platform

Microsoft Outlook Launches on iOS Platform

As Aol, the parent company of TUAW, transitions its employees from Microsoft Outlook to Gmail this weekend, Microsoft has timely introduced its Outlook for iOS, a free application that mirrors many features of its desktop counterpart. This app is designed to work seamlessly with Exchange servers,, and Office 365, and also supports additional email services like iCloud, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail.

The Outlook mobile app is more than a simple email tool; it integrates email management, calendar updates, and attachment handling in a single interface.

Microsoft Outlook Launches on iOS Platform

This development is part of Microsoft’s broader strategy to enhance its presence on mobile platforms, following the acquisition of the email startup Accompli in December. This acquisition has allowed Microsoft to expand its suite of mobile applications, including the Office suite which debuted on iOS in March last year, later incorporating features such as printing and third-party font support.

Here’s a glimpse into what the app offers, according to Microsoft’s official App Store description:

Why choose Outlook?

Manage your inbox
• Outlook helps organize your inbox by highlighting your most important messages.

Less urgent emails are moved to your “Other” inbox.
• Swipe actions allow for quick interactions such as deleting, archiving, or scheduling messages.
• Schedule emails to reappear in your inbox at a specified later time.

Built-in calendar
• No need to switch between apps; your calendar is integrated within Outlook, complete with reminders.
• Easily find and propose meeting times, then quickly set up meetings via email.

Easy attachments
• Access and attach files from your email, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more with just a few taps.
• Send large files without needing to download them to your device first.

Fast search
• Use filters to display only unread, flagged, or emails with attachments.
• Find messages, contacts, and files with just a few keystrokes.
• Outlook identifies your frequent contacts and offers quick access to their related emails, meetings, and files.


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