macOS Sequoia Adds HDMI Passthrough for Dolby Atmos

dolby atmos hdmi passthrough

Apple’s latest macOS Sequoia update brings a significant enhancement for audiophiles: HDMI Passthrough support for Dolby Atmos content.

This feature enables Macs to transmit untouched Dolby Atmos audio signals to compatible AV receivers or soundbars via HDMI connection.

dolby atmos hdmi passthrough

Key Highlights

  • HDMI Passthrough feature available in Apple’s TV, Music, and QuickTime Player apps
  • Allows for playback of supported audio in Dolby Atmos and other Dolby Audio formats
  • Enables external devices to decode and output immersive Dolby Atmos audio
  • Accompanying video signal is sent to a connected TV


  • Currently available in macOS Sequoia developer beta
  • Public beta expected later this month, with a general release in the fall
  • Unclear if this feature will be included in tvOS 18, but likely given its system-wide implementation in macOS Sequoia

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