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Apple airs first iPad 2 television commercial

Apple has released its first iPad 2 television commercial. Titled "We Believe," the ad has sentimental narration reminiscent of Apple's old Think Different ads. The narrator states, "This is what we believe: Technology alone is not enough. Faster, thinner, lighter ... those are all good thi...

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New Apple ad says iPad is "iconic"

Apple has released the latest in its "iPad is..." series of commercials. The new ad, available on Apple's YouTube channel, touts the iPad as "iconic," following the amazing, electric, delicious and musical commercials. The ad showcases a host of apps and features available on the iPad, includin...

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Like iPhone, iPad ad premieres at Oscars

Talk about big premieres. Like it did with the iPhone and its "Hello" ad, Apple used the Oscars as the platform to debut its iPad commercial. The ad, set to the background of The Blue Van's "There Goes My Love," shows the iPad being used in a variety of ways: viewing a movie, reading an eBook, disp...

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