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Tag: IpadCase

Mapicases Orion for iPad: Elegant leather, amazing flexibility

Most of the cases that we receive at TUAW Labs fall into one of two categories: those that use plastic and silicone to create an ultra-protective shell, and those that use more natural materials like cloth or leather to provide style and a modicum of protection. The Mapicases Orion Leather Smar...

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Touchtype Case is the happy marriage of iPad and Apple Wireless Keyboard

I spend most of my day typing on an Apple Wireless Keyboard. I love the feel of the keys, the long battery life and the compact form factor. That's why I do all of my blogging and most of my other writing on my iMac -- I love this keyboard. And that, among some other reasons, is why I don't kee...

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ThinkGeek offers retro Padintosh Case for iPad

Have an iPad 2 or third-generation iPad? Do you love retro Macs? If so, then you need to order the cool Padintosh Case for iPad (US$24.99). While it's the front of an original 1984 Mac pictured on the case, the Padintosh actually protects the back of your iPad. You can use a standard Apple Sm...

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Portenzo's limited-run Alano iPad cases stand out ... and stand up (updated)

Sometimes I really love my work, and this week has been one of those times where the love of good craftsmanship has made my job a lot of fun. First, I highlighted the latest in a series of amazing iPad cases from the folks at DODOcase, and now I get to tell you about the handmade leather Alano ...

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ZooGue cools an iPad by freezing it (video)

Tim Angel and the crew at ZooGue have been working on a followup to their wildly successful iPad case, and they expect to have it out by the end of this summer. The new case apparently features a thinner, completely reworked design with all of the flexibility of the old case and without all of ...

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Etcher iPad case works like a real Etch A Sketch

We get to see all sorts of Kickstarter projects here at TUAW. There are the incredibly successful and "why didn't I think of that" projects like the Pebble e-paper watch (now at well above US$10 million in funding) or the Une Bobine iPhone cable (fully-funded, as discussed on TUAW TV Live). And...

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Grove announces new iPad cases

Grove, a company from Portland, Oregon, has announced brand new iPad cases to go with the new iPad. Grove is able to start selling them immediately because it doesn't have to send off modified case specs to a factory in China. Grove's designers just go downstairs and prototype a new one. Every piec...

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Sleeve360 and HandStand for iPad 2: Smackdown of the rotating iPad cases

In January, I wrote a review of the Sleeve360 "wearable" iPad case that had just hit the market at that time. I saw the Sleeve360 team at Macworld Expo a few weeks later, and was happy to see that they were selling a pile of the cases. In April, I gave away a HandStand iPad case that was simila...

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A unique iPad stand for around the house and travel

I've been pretty frustrated with the iPad stands I've seen. The Apple Smart Cover is clever but leaves the back of the iPad unprotected. Some of the cases that double as stands tend to be a bit tippy, and if you try to type or actively use the screen, they just fall over. I like lots of options f...

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Have an old iBook? Turn it into an iPad case

Gary Katz is at it again, this time gutting an old iBook and turning it into an iPad case. To create this one-of-a-kind case, Katz gutted the body of the iBook, then used a Dremel to remove anything left inside that was sharp or could put pressure on the iPad's glass screen. Next he fastened so...

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iPro Aviator pilot's kneeboard: Great in cockpit, car or classroom

The big iPad and flight tech story this weekend involved chart vendor Jeppesen and charter operator Executive Jet Management. The companies received authorization from the FAA to use iPads running the Jeppesen Mobile TC App for iPad as an electronic flight bag, replacing the traditional leather pil...

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TUAW TV Live: Covering all the iPad bases

Welcome back to another episode of TUAW TV Live, the live streaming video show where I try to make history each week by cramming as many reviews, giveaways (sometimes) and personal comments into one hour as possible. Today's show is going to be a parade of hardware -- mainly iPad cases -- and apps ...

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Zaggmate iPad keyboard case joins the fray

Have an iPad but still feel the need to have a case and/or keyboard to go with it? While we have certainly seen similar iPad cases with keyboards and even some cases made out of wood, you may want to check out the newest addition to the "iPad case with keyboard" category from Zagg. While there are ...

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TUAW review and giveaway: Twelve South BookBook for iPad

When fellow TUAW blogger Dave Caolo teased you with the news of Twelve South releasing the US$69.99 BookBook cover for iPad, you knew that a review and giveaway couldn't be far behind. We're happy to say that you'll have a chance to win one of these beautiful iPad covers. But first, let's give the ...

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Magic Eraser magically cleans your Apple products

Besides its usefulness cleaning walls, tables and shoes, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is excellent at cleaning many Apple products. If your white MacBook is starting to look brown and your Apple iPad Case has stains from who knows where, the Magic Eraser just may be your solution. And at $2.99 for a t...

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