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Subsidized iPads starting slow in UK

Orange UK, as part of Everything Everywhere, announced their subsidy plan for new iPads back in November. According to information relayed from The Times by paidContent: UK, the company had expected to sell tens of thousands of the tablet over the holidays. However, it turns out they only sold a lit...

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Analyst says Christmas may not be so green for the iPad

There is at least one Scrooge this holiday season, and it's Ashok Kumar of Rodman & Renshaw. While there had been estimates of 6 million iPad sales by the end of the year, Kumar has pulled back to an estimate of 5 million because the iPad, and other tablet PCs are just not "must have" purchases....

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Microsoft acknowledges iPad's effect on netbook market

Just in case you haven't heard, the iPad is having a rather large impact on the computing world around us. And if you don't believe the numerous analysts, business adopters and retailers, then perhaps Microsoft's own Gavriella Schuster, general manager for Windows product management, will sway you. ...

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Analyst: Sharp rise in iPad sales estimates

Yet again, more analyst news regarding the iPad impacting laptop and netbook sales. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that estimated sales of the iPad for 2010 have more than doubled to 11 or 12 million units sold this year, with 20 million iPads expected to be sold in 2011 -- which is still cons...

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Chitika labs estimates that over one million iPads have been sold

On April 8th, just six days after the iPad went on sale, we ran a post writing that Chitika Labs (who had been tracking iPad sales by counting cookies of new iPads hitting the Internet) claimed that Apple had sold 564,257 units. The method used is admittedly not the best of all possible metrics, bu...

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