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Rain Design iSlider: a pocketable iPad stand

There's a problem with most really usable iPad stands: they're too big to be portable. Sure, you could always use an iPad case that doubles as a stand, but it many situations that ends up being somewhat of a compromise. The team at Rain Design put their formidable minds to work on the problem...

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Ten One Design premieres Pogo Sketch Plus and Magnus iPad stand at CES

It's always great to see the guys from Ten One Design at various trade shows and conventions we cover here at TUAW and seeing them again at CES was no exception. This time around, in addition to displaying the popular Fling joystick for iPhone and iPad, Ten One had two new products on display. ...

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miFrame makes your iPad picture perfect

I usually don't review iPad stands, but the people from Striped Sail sent me a miFrames for iPad 2 to try out, and I found it quite clever. Unlike traditional iPad stands, the miFrame doubles as a picture frame enclosure. Most people aren't going to buy an iPad just to use it as a digital pic...

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Bracketron iTilt: An inexpensive iPad stand that gets the job done

Since the debut of the iPad last year the TUAW blogger team has seen just about every type of iPad stand, from a cardboard tape roll with a slot on the cheap end of the spectrum to the heavy and somewhat expensive Stabile PRO stand on the opposite end. Now a new entrant, Bracketron (which sounds ...

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Roundup of Kickstarter Apple-related projects for 6/2

For many tech startups, Kickstarter is a great way to raise funding to get a new company off the ground. Each week, TUAW takes a close look at recent Apple-related Kickstarter projects for those of you interested in supporting one of the many entrepreneurs who are waiting to bring the next big ...

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A unique iPad stand for around the house and travel

I've been pretty frustrated with the iPad stands I've seen. The Apple Smart Cover is clever but leaves the back of the iPad unprotected. Some of the cases that double as stands tend to be a bit tippy, and if you try to type or actively use the screen, they just fall over. I like lots of options f...

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iLog holds up your iPad while you watch Ren & Stimpy episodes

In the never-ending quest to merge nature and technology, an iPad stand has emerged that would make a lumberjack proud. iLog by Twistedtwee is an iPad stand made from "carefully chosen re-claimed London wood," and it makes your iPad feel at home in any log cabin. The stand accommodates an iPad ...

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Element Case Joule Chroma iPad stand works with iPad 2

We've covered the Element Case Joule iPad stand several times here on TUAW, even giving away some specially-made TUAW-logoed stands to several of our readers. Now Element Case has partnered with us again to introduce the new Joule Chroma line of iPad stands, and yes, we will be giving one away. ...

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The TabGrip Stand for the iPad, a decent stand with a major problem

At Macworld 2011, I was shown the TabGrip (US$39.99), which looked and felt like a great iPad stand; I didn't realize that it had a major problem until I got it home and installed it. It's a stand that works in either landscape or portrait orientation. It consists of four riveted hard plastic side...

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Apple patents suggest iPad "kickstand," graphics pen

Apple's R&D is always hard at work coming up with various ideas for Apple products, and when they do, Apple usually lays down the paperwork for patents on them, whether they're destined for actual release or not. A few of these wacky ideas have popped up in the USPTO lately, and while they'll l...

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Laplog for iPad molds to your midsection

I get tons of people emailing me asking if they could send me samples of their product to review. Nowadays a lot of those requests come from people or companies that make some form of iPad stand or another. And lets be honest here, there's not much difference between one iPad stand and the next. Som...

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Trick or Treat with TUAW: Sherwood + Meister Block22 iPad stand

TUAW is giving away a gaggle of ghoulishly good gadgets over the next few days. The good part of the giveaways? You don't need to wear a costume to win 'em. Today's entry in this week's Trick or Treat with TUAW giveaway extravaganza is something that is both simple and classy, like that little blac...

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Rockin' and rollin' with the PropUp iPad stand

A few weeks ago on TUAW TV Live, my guest Sam Levin of AppMinute podcast fame showed off an iPad stand that he was excited about -- the PropUp (US$24.95). At first I thought he was waving some sort of Nerf flying toy around, but then he showed me how it worked and I was impressed. As you can see ...

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The Wedgepad bean bag stand for the iPad

The Wedgepad ($27 shipping only to the US), taking a cue from Veronica Belmont's Cat stand, is a comfortable iPad stand comprised of a wedged bean bag and four white elastic straps. It's very light, weighing in at only five ounces. The straps hold your iPad securely and its pliability and microsued...

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TUAW review and giveaway: Twelve South Compass iPad stand

Yesterday we heard of a new iPad stand from Twelve South, and our initial reaction was a yawn -- everybody and their brother has come out with an iPad stand, and most of them are clunky, ugly, or weigh as much as the iPad. Upon further reading of the press release, we decided differently, and immedi...

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