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Prop 'n Go is my new favorite iPad stand

I have been through sooooo many iPad cases and stands. Cases with keyboards, cases without, backpack cases, mini-briefcase models, you name it, I've tried it. Since I work at home, my needs aren't that complicated. I need something that serves as a stand, won't tip over, and allows me to adjust t...

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The TabGrip Stand for the iPad, a decent stand with a major problem

At Macworld 2011, I was shown the TabGrip (US$39.99), which looked and felt like a great iPad stand; I didn't realize that it had a major problem until I got it home and installed it. It's a stand that works in either landscape or portrait orientation. It consists of four riveted hard plastic side...

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The Wedgepad bean bag stand for the iPad

The Wedgepad ($27 shipping only to the US), taking a cue from Veronica Belmont's Cat stand, is a comfortable iPad stand comprised of a wedged bean bag and four white elastic straps. It's very light, weighing in at only five ounces. The straps hold your iPad securely and its pliability and microsued...

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Taking a stand on iPad stands

I love the iPad. I really do. Getting a good iPad stand, however, can be a daunting proposition. There are a lot of varieties, things you can buy, things you can convert. It's pretty clear to me that for a lot of iPad use, a stand is mandatory. I don't think the iPad is a one-hander. It gets heav...

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A first week with the iPad

How has week #1 with the iPad been? Pretty good actually. I wasn't going to get one, but while on a TUAW assignment to get some photos... and kinda sorta held up my hand and did the deed. I'm glad I did. It's now a constant companion. I actually prefer surfing the web with it over my laptop becau...

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