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iPad 2's new 32nm A5 processor improves battery life

If you're in the market for a new iPad 2, pay attention! As Chipworkds reported last month, Apple's put an updated 32nm A5 processor into the new Apple TV and the iPad 2. More specifically, the iPad 2.4. Compared to the previous 45nm A5 chip found in the iPad 2, the new chip comes in almost 4...

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Is this the Apple iPad 2? (Updated)

BGR has snagged an image that is supposedly an accurate rendering of the upcoming iPad 2. It resembles images leaked last week of a reproduction iPad 2 that was purportedly designed using specifications obtained from Asian case manufacturers. Is this latest leaked image the real deal? Nobody kn...

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iPad 2 mockup, case appear at CES

We have already seen a few iPad 2 case renderings hit the internet, but Engadget hit the jackpot when they stumbled on a real-life case at CES. The case was developed by Dexim and included a notch for a front camera, a hole for a rear-facing camera and an opening for larger speakers. The case even ...

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iPad 2 rumored to bring a Retina Display, more docks, and a camera

Now that iOS developers are rolling out plenty of iPad optimized versions of their apps, they may soon need to create yet more variants for the next generation iPad. Reports out of Taiwan are now saying that Apple will utilize a Retina Display, but if they do, resolution will have to increase fro...

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