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Ticket To Ride iPad game is great, could be greater

The brand new iPad implementation of Ticket To Ride is close to perfect, but it needs a few more features before I can wholeheartedly recommend the game. As it stands, if you like Alan R. Moons' wonderful board game and enjoy playing online (or against AI opponents), then get thee to the App St...

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App Review: Tikal offers jungle brilliance for 10 action points a turn

Every six months or so, Codito/Sage Board Games releases another excellent Euro-style board game for iOS. The first example was the excellent Medici, which was followed by Ra. Coming up next is Puerto Rico. Last week they brought us Tikal, a truly wonderful game that won the 1999 Spiel des Jahr...

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App Review: Viking Lords is good fun, but could be "borrowing" too much

Sending miniature warriors –- cavalry, spearmen, archers, dwarves and giants –- into pretend battles has a long tradition, and there are already plenty of ways to do so on your iDevice. We looked at Ex Illis a while back, which used your iPhone as a scorekeeper for your physical min...

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