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Low End Mac Suggestions for Optimizing Performance

Ed Eubanks over at Low End Mac has a nice set of suggestions for optimizing performance on your Mac. The main upshot of the article is to turn off or delete things you don't need (e.g. Universal Access, seldom used System Preferences, extra localization languages, etc.) in order to salvage as much R...

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Asteroid a Hoax?

Anne Onymus (get it? hehe!) over at LowEndMac is hypothesizing that the entire Asteroid fiasco was all part of an evil Apple plan to quash rumor sites. The assumption is based on the fact that two years after the Asteroid leak, Apple still hasn't released a GarageBand breakout box. If Apple had actu...

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Remembering Apple's 20th Anniversary Mac

Tomorrow marks the 30th anniversary of Apple's existence. Since I haven't seen a whole lot of rumors or speculation as to what awe-inspiring products Apple might launch (if any) in celebration, I thought it might be a good time to reflect on TAM, Apple's Twentieth Anniversary Mac, of which only 12,0...

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