INKredible iPad App: Top Choice for Note-Taking

INKredible iPad App: Top Choice for Note-Taking

When I initially explored INKredible, I was uncertain about its capabilities. However, I quickly discovered that this complimentary application, which offers optional in-app purchases, serves as an excellent tool for jotting down notes directly on an iPad, allowing for easy modifications.

The first time you open INKredible on your iPad, it welcomes you with a brief tutorial before presenting you with a clean, uncluttered page. A simple swipe reveals all necessary controls and buttons.

INKredible iPad App: Top Choice for Note-Taking

The application captures your pen strokes as vector graphics, ensuring that printed outputs are sharp and clear, devoid of any pixelation.

Initially, writing with your finger—or a stylus, if you prefer—might feel slightly unusual, but it quickly becomes second nature. The app includes an “automatic palm rejection” feature that prevents accidental marks when your palm rests on the screen during stylus mode, though using a stylus is optional as finger use is also supported.

At the top of the screen, status indicators inform you of the active mode. The app is also suitable for sketching, allowing you to create basic drawings without predefined shapes; everything is drawn manually.

Additionally, it offers unlimited undo and redo capabilities.

To navigate through pages, simply swipe. You can also select and move text or drawings around the page or delete them entirely.

INKredible supports the iOS clipboard and allows you to share your work via email or export it as a PDF. While the core features of the app are free, it also offers three affordable add-ons—each priced at US$0.99—including a Calligraphy Pen, a Ballpoint, and a Wet Brush.

Overall, INKredible is an impressive application, particularly for those who frequently take notes or enjoy drawing.

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