Apple to ink deal with Bono for RED iPods, MacBooks and iMacs?

Think Secret is reporting that Apple might be working on a deal with Bono to produce some red products to help promote and support the U2 philanthropist's RED, an AIDS awareness charity. The idea is that RED cuts deals to produce exclusively red items from which a portion of the sale is donated to The Global Fund, an org that helps women and children in Africa who have been affected by HIV/AIDS. Keep in mind, however, that nothing has been signed yet, and while I personally think it would be really cool to see something like this happen, I'm skeptical as to whether a red Mac would fly in a store next to predominantly white and black brethren.

But don't call me a hater; I'm as interested to see what happens with this as the next guy, and I think it would be a great gesture on Apple's part for the cause.

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